Monthly Membership Competition rules: presently with Zoom meetings…no points to be accumulated.


The following rules apply to all entries:

  1. Entrants must be a member in good standing, with paid up membership dues.
  2. Entrants must be present at the meeting or their artwork will not be accepted.
  3. Entrants must sign-in to enter the competition and all entries must be checked in by 7:00p.m. or their entry will not be accepted.
  4. One entry will be allowed per member.
  5. Entrants will be entered into the Intermediate or Advanced Divisions.
  6. Each Division shall be broken down into three Categories, Oil/Acrylic; Watercolor; and Mixed Media/Other.
  7. There must be at least 3 entries in a given Category or those entries will be combined into the next smallest Category within the Division.
  8. Their artist’s name must be covered on the front of the piece and each piece shall be assigned a unique entry number.
  9. Entries must not have been previous winners in any Anaheim Art Association monthly competition. Any entry that has not received a ribbon in any of the aforementioned may be re-entered in monthly membership competitions.
  10. The demonstrator shall juror the Monthly Membership Competition. Up to four ribbons shall be awarded in each Category and the color of the ribbon shall designate the level of the award. Blue for First Place, Red for Second Place, and White for Third Place. Pink for Honorable Mention, Purple or Green Ribbons will be awarded to the one entry that receives the most votes as voted on by the membership via secrete ballot for the Popular Choice Award.
  11. Points are awarded as follows: 7 points for First Place, 5 points for Second Place, 3 points for Third Place, 2 points for Honorable Mention, 1 point for Entry Only and no points are awarded for Popular Choice. The artist receiving the most points in each Division shall be recognized at the “Artist of The Year” in their respective Division at the end of the year.
  12. If there are 7 or more entries in a Category, a Honorable Mention may be awarded.
  13. New member may select the Division they start in, but they will be encouraged to start in the Intermediate/Novice. They will remain in that Division for the complete year unless approved by the board.
  14. Artist in Advanced or Masters Division may enter in different Category in a lower Division at any time provided they have not been promoted in that Division prior. This means artist can and will accumulate point totals in more than one Division.
  15. Artist that receive the Artist of the Year may be moved from the Intermediate/Novice Division to the Advanced Division or from Advanced to Masters if they become the Artist of The Year at the artist’s request and board approval, or will be automatically be promoted upon achieving this mark in any two years.
  16. No copies, reproductions, interpretations or studies of another artists work, will be accepted into the monthly competitions. Sourced referenced materials, i.e. photographs, may only be used with written approval from the photographer or the artwork is not eligible for the monthly competitions.

Revised 2/14/17